Give the Gift(s) of Music

Give the Gift(s) of Music

CA House Music  has a great selection of guitars, as well as a wide variety of other instruments, and very friendly and helpful staff. 

CA House Music has a great selection of guitars, as well as a wide variety of other instruments, and very friendly and helpful staff. 

Chances are, there's someone in your life who would love a musical gift, this Holiday season. 

No matter how music is loved by your family and friends, we've collected some of our favorite ideas to get your gift-giving gears turning-just in time for shopping season to officially kick off. Read on, and start planning on giving your music-loving friends the biggest smiles, ever.

Concert/Live Music-Goers: 

We bet there's a concert coming up that they'd love to go to, or a venue they love going to. Websites like Bandsintown let you search favorite artists for upcoming shows, and purchase tickets on the spot.

Or maybe there's a local club or venue that offers great live music. A gift card to the venue could be a great idea (just check to make sure credits can be used toward tickets/admission, if that's your goal...if not, they can enjoy food and/or drink on you while they listen to their favorite music).

Also, check out these concert ticket mats that can be made from a favorite concert memory. Lakeside Photo Works makes floor mats from your favorite concert tickets. 


Does your gift-getter have a favorite band? If they're a local band, you could possibly even consider reaching out to the band, purchasing local band tshirts, music, getting them autographed, and maybe even finding a rare "last one" kind of piece that is not longer on their online store. Many bands (especially on a smaller-scale/local level) are flattered to be asked such things. Can't hurt to try, plus you'd be supporting local music!

We're also a fan of these Mistaken Lyrics Coasters, for the person who has everything they need. These also help support NPR Broadcasting like Mountain Stage, when you purchase through the link. 



Does your music lover have a favorite artist (or two), and would love to have their autograph (on a photo, a poster, or the band or artist's album)? Many times autographed items can be found on Ebay, or through the band's website. But again, if you know of a local band that is high on their favorites list, it may be much easier to track down an autograph or two. Some musicians may even be willing to hand write the gift-getter's favorite lyrics.. These could be framed up and given as art. 

Just a Jar Design Press in Marietta also has a collection of their limited edition, hand made concert posters, available in their shop, or on their Etsy shop


One of the most popular requests we've heard is a solid way hear the music we love. High quality headphones and speakers like Beats, or other sound enhancing gear is always a great idea. And concert-goers (and photographers) love these noise filtering ear buds (which reduce volume but not music clarity).

There's also the option of gift cards through local music stores, or sites like iTunes or Google play, so they can download their favorite songs and albums right to their own devices. 

Vinyl Fans:

If your listener happens to enjoy music in record form, there are lots of great options for you. Visit a local record store for music or a gift card/certificate:

Athens, OH:

Haffa's Records

Athens Undergound

Charleston, WV:

Sullivan's Records

Budget Tapes and Records

Parkersburg, WV:

Sound Exchange

Searching for a new record player/turntable?
Check out this article Michelle did last year for Clutch MOV magazine, about selecting the right record player/turntable for your musical needs.  

Or consider a vinyl subscription service like Vinyl Me Please, where albums are delivered straight to their home, for X amount of months. 


Where would music lovers be without musicians?!

There are so many ways we can help musicians feel appreciated during the Holidays (and beyond), it could be a separate article. But for the sake of keeping it all together, here are a few of our favorite ideas for gifts for your favorite musicians:

In-ear monitors were highly requested (custom and semi-custom options) to help them hear their parts-especially in tandem with other musicians. Local shops like CA House also mentioned to us that semi-custom options are available in their store. 

For those who write, pocket journals are often a great choice, as are these fun Chord Dice. Chord dice are a fun way to shake up your go-to chord progressions, get out of a writer's block, or just challenge yourself to write, using chords and notes you may not have naturally paired together. Just roll and create. 

Your local music store also has a variety of different musical instruments available-including the currently very popular ukeleles.

Ukuleles are the perfect size for kiddos of all ages. 

Ukuleles are the perfect size for kiddos of all ages. 

Stocking stuffers like tuners, mouth harps, picks and instrument straps are also easy to pick up locally, at any of the following stores:

Athens, OH:

Blue Eagle Music

Marietta, OH:

Kassel Music

Third Street Music

Charleston, WV:

Cheap Beats

Gorby's Music

Kanawha Piano Gallery

Kerr's Music World

Pied Piper of Charleston

Clarksburg, WV:

Badland & Percussion Center

Parkersburg, WV:

C.A. House Music

Gallagher Music

And if there is a well-used, broken instrument in their life, several of the above music stores also offer instrument repair. Find a reputable repairperson, and consider the option of surprising someone with a restored, fully working favorite instrument as their gift. However..."sometimes" we get attached to our if there's a chance this would stress out the musician(s) in your life, maybe see if you can ask if it's okay, first. 

Lessons are also great for musicians of any level. Vocal, instrument instruction, and writing lessons are always a great way to build and/or refine your craft. Many of the local stores listed above offer lessons, and many other local artists also teach lessons, while offering the option to purchase blocks of lessons in advance. 


Kits: For those who have everything-have you seen these Cigar Box Guitar Kits? Make your own cigar box guitar for under 40.00. 

A few other DIY kits can be found, here

Or how about making your own Mod? 

So there you have it-our first offering in pretty much everything we could think of for making Musical Holiday happiness. Hope your Holidays are filled with everything you could hope for. Feel free to share this list with everyone you know, and if we're forgotten something, please let us know, so we can keep it on our radar for next year!

What's Happening in Live Music: 11/22-11/28

What's Happening in Live Music: 11/22-11/28

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