Hold the Note?

Hold the Note?

Here at Hold the Note, we're fans of music: live music, local music, songwriter music, scream-out-loud music, music that makes us laugh, cry, dance, and all the other things the power of music can do. 

Being a sister magazine to Clutch MOV, we are in love with everything West Virginia and Ohio have to offer us. But we're the sister that loves music, and all of the talent our home state(s) hold.

Why "Hold the Note"? In addition to a gentle tribute to "Clutch" (Get it? We "hold" them close to us?), we liked the play on words with holding a note as a performer, as a fan, and even holding a "note" as a letter or bit of info that we found valuable. So, there you have it. Hold the Note. 

If you're seeking info on local live music venues and events, you'll find that, here.

Want to know more about your favorite WV and OH musicians? That's here, too. 

Wish there was a place where all of your local musical resources could be brought together by people who are madly in love with the magic of music? Seeking lessons, stores, open mics, and overall community? You've found it.

Please check in here, our Facebook page, and our Insta feed, to see what we're excited about, and proud to find in our own back yards.

We'll be growing our site to its full strength over the next few months. Pretty please be patient while we rally up all of our resources, to bring you everything we've got. 

Thanks for visiting Hold the Note! Hope to see you again, soon!

Some of Our Favorite Community Lists and Calendars: