What's Next for Mooney Tyson?

What's Next for Mooney Tyson?

“Mooney Tyson is the way you feel about life…They’re loud, noisy, and surprisingly witty…They're the epitome of DIY folk punkers who just say what they feel and you can tell they mean what they say.” -Miranda Brace

Just a tad over two years ago, a band formed in Athens, Ohio by the name of Mooney Tyson. Their unique alt rock sound, engaging performances, and the ability to draw together the local music scene helped them make a name for themselves throughout those two years.

While they (as a band) have many great memories and friends for life through their music, there are many life changes happening for the members of Mooney Tyson in the next couple of months.

Much to the sadness of their friends and fans, they’re heading up a mini farewell tour (with a stop in Parkersburg) this weekend, performing their final show ever, later next month. 

“Nooooooo” you say? Get out to one of their shows: 

3/30: Clarksburg-The Ballroom

3/31: Philly-The Soundhole

4/01: Parkersburg-Sixpence (with To Live as Sons, Tulips, Call Me Friend, and Cassius at Best)

4/15: Athens-The Ranch (acoustic set)

4/22: Athens-The Ranch (Farewell Show)

(Above photos of an early Mooney Tyson show by Miranda Brace)


Chris Reinbold (pictured) gave us a bunch of his time, talking about Mooney Tyson. Thanks Chris! photo by  Michelle Waters . 

Chris Reinbold (pictured) gave us a bunch of his time, talking about Mooney Tyson. Thanks Chris! photo by Michelle Waters

Chris Reinbold: Bassist, Vocalist and General Manager for the band, spoke with us about their final tour, and how they chose the stops:

“The way we decided our route for the weekend was by stringing together some of our favorite places from our three years together.

Clarksburg, WV was the best date of our first tour. The turnout, while not huge, was incredibly passionate about music. They were singing choruses along with us by the end of our set. It was pretty magical. We've made some awesome friends there and wanted to visit one last time.

Philly is like DIY Mecca. So many incredible bands have emerged from that city and they don't really tolerate bullshit. We had praised heaped on us after our set at a pretty nutty house show last May. We were on cloud nine. We'll be seeing some friends that have come through Athens on this show and some local Philly acts that we're super stoked to be playing with. Philly is a city that every band just HAS to play once. We couldn't throw in the towel without making one last trip.

We decided to end with Parkersburg because it is like a second home.

We have so many friends in the scene that I have known since before I was even in college. Bryce, from Call Me Friend, and I have been best friends since middle school and, at this point, I think Mooney Tyson means as much to some people there as it does to us. It'll be a nice way to end the weekend. Every time we play Pburg, it's a time-and-a-half, whether it's our guitar player, Addam's grandma buying me my first legal beer, or us almost getting kicked out of a VFW hall for climbing on tables."

Photo of Mooney Tyson by Michelle Waters

Photo of Mooney Tyson by Michelle Waters

“With Mooney Tyson, we've toured in a van and been able to bring all of our gear and live relatively luxuriously as nomads. We are touring in Judd's cop car and borrowing most gear from local bands. It sorta harkens back to when 3/4 of us were in a hardcore band and we crammed six guys into a five-person SUV.”

Bonus for coming to their last shows?

“We do plan on still playing two (newer songs) live, ‘Capital-Centric Model of the Universe’ which is all about ignorance and being bogged down by a financial and profit-driven world, and ‘Mountain Home’ which began as a narrative about watching a forest burn as you sit staring out the window of a winter lodge in the mountains but spiraled into its own being about finding some semblance of positivity amongst a complete shit storm.”

After this coming weekend, you can still catch Mooney Tyson at The Ranch (in Athens):

“Our last two shows will be at The Ranch, where we've almost become a house band, of sorts haha." Chris said.  "April 15 will feature some local southeast Ohio bands: Feverwar and From Another Planet. Mirage of Logic will be playing their first show and I am beyond excited to see them. I will be handling their managerial and booking duties for the foreseeable future. We will actually open the show with something different, a full-band acoustic set. It's something we've never done before and we're anxious to see how it goes. We're breaking out a song we haven't played in a year and it sounds better with an acoustic arrangement than it did as a plugged-in rock 'n roll tune.” 

Mooney Tyson, performing a previous show in Athens. See them at their last show in Athens, too. Photo by Michelle Waters. 

Mooney Tyson, performing a previous show in Athens. See them at their last show in Athens, too. Photo by Michelle Waters. 

“April 22 is our final show, and the last at The Ranch, is going to be a complete banger. We're hoping to have some kegs and really go out swinging. We are fortunate enough to be sharing the night with some of our honest-to-god favorite bands -- CityCop from Akron, Go Go Buffalo from Cincinnati, and locals Smizmar and Call Me Friend.

CityCop and Go Go Buffalo put on some of the best shows and having to close out after them is absolutely no easy task. They are the two best bands in Ohio, right now, bar none. To have them both enthusiastically join us is such an honor. We'll be playing a longer set spanning material from all of our releases. It's going to be a heavy, emotional night for all of us. The Ranch should be popping, since there have not been any shows there as of late. Most people got a little burnt out toward the end of a very crazy January.” 

Want to know where the future will take Mooney Tyson? Chris also shared their plans with us for what’s next:

“As for post-Mooney Tyson, we each have our own paths we will be following. Tony (our drummer) and I will be graduating in April. Tony plans on landing a community relations gig with some sports franchise. He may end up working for OU or he may end up in LA. It's unpredictable and that's the beauty of the sports world. Anyone that knows him knows he adores sports.

I (Chris) will be moving home, having accepted a solid job offer, providing what I will need to stand on my own two feet. I will be getting married to my wonderful fiancée, Courtney, at the end of September, after a three year engagement. I'm excited to settle down and begin a life with her after all of this waiting. I will do music on the side, in some capacity, but want to take a breather outside of management for a little while.

Judd might move, he might not. He's always done whatever his heart has told him. He's a pretty free spirit with a true passion and gift for music. He's mentioned taking a bit of a break to find inspiration again, as this process has been a bit draining for everybody. If I can guarantee anything, it's that he will not be away from music for too long. He's just too damn good.

Addam will continue to make music with Call Me Friend, in addition to developing other projects, and has discussed making a foray into the realm of building guitar pedals. We'll all find ways to keep busy and we'll for sure be stoked to have a bit of a reunion when they come in for the wedding in September.” Chris shared with us. 

Photo by  Michelle Waters

There’s no doubt Mooney Tyson has left an impact on the local music scene, as evidenced by how other bands like Call Me Friend shared the news of MT’s disbanding:

“Sad news to hear about our close friends in Mooney Tyson. It's been a great run alongside you dudes and its easy to call you all our family as well. We wanna wish all the dudes…a fond farewell and happy trails. May the great moose in the sky guide your way as you embark on your own separate journeys in this steel cage match known as life.”

Many have called them family, and will likely continue to do so. 

As for lead singer, Judd Hynes’ public response to sharing the news of change:

“I'm losing a piece of my heart here soon and I can't not make music with friends. It's part of who I am at this point. I'll probably deal with the loss the same way I deal with a lot of dark times in life, by writing melancholy songs about it. I'll need some new bandmates in a few months. All instruments and styles are welcome forreal. Musician friends: Hit me up if you wanna start jamming or something. Love you all” 

Seriously, go see all of their last shows.


Music: https://mooneytyson.bandcamp.com/album/well-figure-it-out

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mooneytyson/

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