Rootwire: Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Rootwire: Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

For years now, I've been hearing about "Rootwire". Many of my friends have gone religiously, and talked about how it's just "unlike anything they've ever experienced". On the surface, I saw it as a big dance party that I was convinced would just wear me out after three days...

And then I decided to dig deeper. And I signed up, immediately.

Rootwire, or "Rootwire Transformational Music and ARTS Festival" was more than any one thing.

Sure, there's an impressive lineup of live music, starting late morning every day, at multiple stages (from multiple genres):

But there is art.

Not just a small area with a featured artist, An entire collection of art, installations, live art, performance art...I'd say it's a whole separate world of art, but it's not. It's an integrated part of Rootwire.

Combining music and art at this level is already something that has my attention...

and then you add in the WORKSHOPS.

Holyshit, the workshops. Healing and mindfulness and sustainability and happiness and focus and ALLLL the things. It's like being an arts-loving metaphysical kid in a candy store, and then once you've arrived at said store, the store owner tells you you can have all the candy you want. BECAUSE ALL OF THE ART, MUSIC, WORKSHOPS AND EXPERIENCES ARE INCLUDED.

And then, if that hadn't already sold me...

You also get free water, free parking, free wooded camping, and there is local, yummy food and lots of cool vendors, too:

I'm so happy that Pomeroy, and the Wisteria Campground will be my home this coming weekend. Can't wait to take this full experience in for myself, and share it with you. Better yet, I hope to share it with you, there!

I bet you're signing up, right now...

But also, here's the recap from last year:


Now if you forgot to sign up, you can do it, immediately, here. Save yourself from gate costs buy buying your tickets in advance.

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