txger vppercvt – “Emo Thug” (Single Release)

txger vppercvt – “Emo Thug” (Single Release)


On Monday, the 30-year-old Lo-Fi beatmaker, Bobby Baker, released his new single “Emo Thug” under the moniker txger vppercvt. The Columbus native has been quite busy lately recording his second physical tape release of the year, performing in various cities, and doing all of his promotion himself.  Earlier this year, I met Bobby via Facebook as we bonded through our love for Roland hardware samplers, but he truly first caught my attention, musically, with his track “An” from his first tape release, What Does God Think of Flavortown and Does He Listen To Smashmouth?

“An” starts out with a choppy, old-time, piano sample and then drops into a bumping, stutter heavy piano centered beat that forces you to sway to the hit of the snare. Just like “An”, “Emo Thug” has this unequivocal vibe that just screams, “RELAX!”, and I believe that we could all use a slab of that. If I had to describe txger vppercvt in one word, it would be chill. Though, to me the coolest thing about his music is that it all sounds like it was made for one of those psychedelic Adult Swim commercials. Was this intentional? I had to ask him.

Me: “Hey, Bobby! I’ve been listening to your songs a lot lately and I have to ask, did you record these in hopes to be featured on an Adult Swim commercial? Or were they inspired by songs of that nature?”

Bobby Baker (txger vppercvt): “I would like to intern there. That’s like my dream job. I also listen to a lot of similar producers. So, in a way yes and in the same way no.”

Me: “So what would you call your genre if you had to pick one? I know all of us musicians hate labeling our music, but there are many times when we are literally forced to.”

Bobby Baker (txger vppercvt): “Uhh, Lo-Fi Instrumental Hip Hop.”

Me: “Great! So do you have a name already picked out for this second (physical) tape? Do you have a release date?”

Bobby Baker (txger vppercvt): “Yes, 12-Bit Soul. I’m dubbing all of the tapes this week, so it’ll be around the end of the month. I have the master files, I just have yet to dub them.”

Me: “Exciting! What’s the process like for creating a txger vppercvt track? How do you come across your samples?”

Bobby Baker (txger vppercvt): Laughs “The dollar bin at Used Kids Records and old Library records.”


Me: Laughs “That’s really cool! Are there any other important dates coming up for you that you’d like to mention?”

Bobby Baker (txger vppercvt): “I’m on tour but we are still working out the details to that. I might host my own backpack tour with a homie from Australia and I’m also hosting the Rehab Tavern ‘Beat Night’ soon, the 28th. The backpack tour part you can take out, I’m just going to ride a Greyhound around. I even thought about buying one of those Roland Cube amps and just taking it around. I have a friend that does that in New York and it works out for him. Although, I don’t know how well it’ll work out on High Street. Laughs I don’t have any management.”

Me: LAUGHS “I’m definitely not taking that out. Though, I do feel like this is a great place to end our conversation, unless you have anything else you would like to mention?”

Bobby Baker (txger vppercvt): “I guess a shout out to everyone in More Beats>Less Sleep and The Caveman Approach. That’s it.”

You can listen to txger vppercvt’s new single “Emo Thug” here

Be on the lookout for more from this up and coming Columbus beatmaker and stay up to date via txger vppercvt’s Facebook page, here.


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