Scenes From a Movie is Coming to Town, and We Got to Talk with Them!

Scenes From a Movie is Coming to Town, and We Got to Talk with Them!

Scenes From a Movie began back in the day, in Parkersburg. We're lucky enough to host one of Scenes From a Movie's reunion tour stops in the Mid-Ohio Valley this week, and they were kind enough to talk with us about where they were, where they've been, and where they're going, below. I'll be "HTN", below:


HTN: So you have a handful of tour dates coming up this week (starting on the 4th!)-from PA, Michigan, our Mid-Ohio Valley and out to Brooklyn, New York...but your official reunion was back in the fall. I'm sure everyone is asking about your reunion, what it's like, why did you decide to get back together after 10 years, stuff like that. And I'd love to know, too. But I also want to know about coming back here to Marietta (specifically).

Tony: The reunion has been nothing short of incredible. We have all very much felt like we hadn't skipped a beat. It was also within two weeks of exactly 10 years since we'd all been in the same room together. It just speaks to the kind of connection that we've always had, and the ability to forgive ourselves for just being kids and making mistakes.

Marietta is going to be a party and it always has been. We may have played more shows in Marietta than anywhere else and they always go off.

One of the first shows where I think we realized we could actually pull off being a "real" band was the MHS battle of the bands. That place was packed and rowdy. By the slimmest of margins, we actually edged out Adam's first band, TPT.  

HTN: I know all the bio stuff says you're from Charleston, but at least a couple of you spent a bit of time in the Parkersburg area, didn't you? Why did you choose to stop in Marietta on this run, and why did you choose all of the stops you picked for this tour (is that something you even had control over)? Is it because each of you now have personal ties in those areas?

Jon:  Even though we haven't lived there for quite some time, the Parkersburg/Marietta area will always be considered "home" for many of us.

Tony, Jared, and I all have lived in Pittsburgh at some point since our initial split. We were all passionate about bringing these shows back to one of our favorite cities.

As for Detroit, I've lived here for the last 6 years. It was actually the first city we ever played in "on tour". It went beyond our expectations and we kept coming back as often as possible.

Finally, Brooklyn is now where Tony call's home. Our friends in the band Southcott contacted us about playing a reunion show, which actually helped shape the timing for the rest of the tour.

Tony: Jon and I were born and raised in Parkersburg. We met in high school and started playing music together pretty quickly. Like I said, Marietta has a special spot for us. We wrote most of our record in Adam's basement in Marietta. It has always had a little bit of a scene going. Jon and I grew up playing shows with Marietta bands and Ohio people. Flinch, Jon Bolden, Mental Pain, TPT. It's always been a legitimate scene.

Adam:  We are coming back to pick up my High School Diploma from MHS.  Haha… The one I almost didn't get because we were driving around the country showcasing for record labels…


HTN: You're no strangers to touring, though. You've played all across the country, done festivals like Warped Tour...what were some of the best memories you have from being on the road (from the fans, the venues, the food, any goof-ups on the road) and do you have any tips for anyone who may just be starting out on that path (touring, playing tests, etc.)?

A: (Jon) I don't know where to start with this one, as we could go for days telling these stories... I remember when we played on the Warped Tour in New Jersey the crowd was substantially larger than usual. Afterwards, we announced a signing at our tent and the line went on for at least an hour. It was one of the surreal moments when we just couldn't believe people were that in to what we were doing. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have legitimately played everywhere. Venues with dirt floors, a VFW Hall beside a grain silo in SD (where we slept on folding tables the night before), in a skate park half pipe that legitimately looked to the Sum 41 "Fat Lip" video... people were everywhere... haha

Tony: A large portion of my fondest memories from tour had nothing to do with the actual shows. Don't get me wrong, the stage is our home, but the hijinks and laughs were where the realest things happened. Jon got his lip pierced on our first tour. We slept in the lawn of an apartment complex one night. We toured nearly every brewery before we were old enough to drink. We signed our record deal in the rock and roll McDonald's in Chicago… and it goes on and on and on. I could fill 10 lifetimes with the memories of our brief tenure.

As for advice, approach everything you do with as much pre-rational decision making as you can. What I mean by that is, if you dwell too long on how to do everything and forget why you're doing it, you're dead in the water. Point your nose downhill and fucking go. Get after it.

It's been 10 years since Pulse was originally released.

It's been 10 years since Pulse was originally released.

HTN: With 10 years brings a lot of life changes. How has life changed for all of you since 2007? Have you had any other bands in between? Families? Unusual career choices?

Tony: Well I live in Brooklyn with my girlfriend. We have a project that we're getting off the ground right now called Lady Lightning. Luke is in that National Guard living an amazing life of service and as a dad. Adam is out in LA working at an incredible artist management company repping some of the biggest names in comedy. Jared is working on his own custom drums and wood working business. And I think Jon will tell you what he's up to.

Jon:  Great summary, Tony!  I currently live in Detroit with my wife, Ashley, and work for tech company doing field management.  It's a job I never pictured myself doing, but that's how these things tend to work out.  Tony and I both met our spouses through Scenes From A Movie and touring.  It's crazy how everything has come 360 for us…

HTN: I know a lot of people are really excited to see you play live, again. I've also heard you plan on playing the entirety of The Pulse on your shows, next week, and have uploaded a lyrics video recently...

have there been any conversations about new music as you've been prepping for this tour?

Tony: There have absolutely been conversations about it. Right now, we've been pouring all of our energy and resources into stepping up our live show that we aren't left with a ton of time to get into new music.... yet. We just want to honor the songs that people having been wanting to hear for so long. We're still very proud of the collection of songs we have. However, I could definitely see us putting new music out before it is all said and done.

Jon:  Well said, Tony.  I think we are all willing to entertain the thought of new music.  Stay tuned!

HTN: And is there anything you wish people would ask you about your band, your music, anything at all?

Tony: I think we're just all filled with such gratitude that people are still interested at all in what we do. And we're fucking thrilled that we can do as much as we have been able to do because of that support. We're going tear it the fuck up.

Jon:  I'll speak for everyone by just saying, "Thank You."  To everyone that has supported us, from new fans to old friends, you are the energy that has kept this going.  While we've put a ton of energy and work in to making these shows happen, it's all going to be worth it when we get to relive the songs that shaped our lives on stage.  

Mid-Ohio Valley Family, go see Scenes From a Movie, this coming Friday (the 6th) at the Adelphia Music Hall in Marietta, alongside local friends A Story Told, We Are Funhouse and TIME AND DISTANCE. Doors at 7pm.

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